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We’re very, very sorry for this interruption of service. Oour support team is working on the problem now.

Again, we’re truly sorry for this interruption and will be back up soon.

Below we are providing the Names and numbers of our Doctors and Facility untily we get this matter resolved.


Hometown Family Care –



400 University Drive Suite 101-A Prestonsburg, KY  41653


(606) 886-3831

Christopher Bailey, D.O.

Jeffrey Potter, D.O.

Kendra Burgess, PA-C

Tammy Meade, APRN


(606) 886-6776

Kate Shutts, M.D.

Carla Brown, PA-C



713 Broadway Suite 202  Paintsville, KY  41240


(606) 789-6632

Dustin Devers, D.O.

Kelley Cochran, PA-C



713 Broadway Suite 301-A  Paintsville, KY  41240


(606) 789-4255

Jason Castle, M.D.

Allyson Stephens, PA-C



713 Broadway Suite 301-B  Paintsville, KY  41240


(606) 789-2427

Leslie Devers, D.O.

Virginia Watkins, PA-C

Andrea Jones, PA-C



112 East Main Street  Elkhorn City, KY  41522


(606) 754-5793

Christopher Bailey, D.O.

Crystal Branham, APRN

Ginger Webb, APRN